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There are occasions in life (if there aren't any, let's take credit for it) when the time finally comes to give ourselves a gift too. Structures like the ancient Bacco restaurant in the heart of Sannio exist for this, to reward ourselves. those who love nature, the hills, the uncontaminated air. Anyone who loves Sannio cannot love also “Antica Trattoria Bacco”.

Our wellness path consists of: A Finnish sauna in fir wood where the heat can reach temperatures of up to 100 degrees, but thanks to the low humidity of 20-30%, it transforms into a pleasant embrace that relaxes the muscles and promotes the purification of the body.

The Turkish bath is a wellness treatment of ancient origins which involves a relaxing stop in a very warm and humid environment in order to purify the body through sweating but also acting positively on the nervous system, the skin and blood and lymphatic circulation.

Emotional showers, as the word itself suggests, the emotional shower has the aim of transforming negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, discomfort and tiredness into positive emotions such as wellbeing, relaxation and serenity. the emotional shower is a particular practice that combines chromotherapy and aromatherapy combined with a jet of water.

Mini pool with hydromassage with 59 jets and 5 seats, comfortable leather headrest cushions with chromotherapy, neck massage, excellent aromatherapy for muscle and mental relaxation. To complete the journey it is necessary to abandon yourself on the sunbeds in the relaxation area where you can detach your mind from the body and wander in sensory sensations and emotions, through music therapy and chromotherapy, feel the body detach from the mind and wander into the cosmos and fly lightly. It is possible to add beauty treatments and for total regeneration we recommend our massages in the reserved area.



It has the function of loosening muscle contractures that may occur due to incorrect movements or physical effort.
Full body session lasting 60 minutes | back/ neck lasting 20 minutes leg lasting 20 minutes



It is a massage carried out for therapeutic purposes to reduce painful states but can also be recommended to relieve stress and general tension. In fact, it is relaxing and promotes the well-being of the tense part.
Lasting 60 minutes


cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage works on blood and lymphatic circulation to improve and reshape the body.
Lasting 20 minutes


drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a type of massage that acts on the lymphatic and circulatory system and is very useful for those who receive it in order to combat problems and blemishes such as swelling and cellulite.
Lasting 60 minutes

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